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Rebecca Goodacre – Weight Loss Coach

Weight gain is not really about food but the emotions that take you too the food. Maybe you eat for comfort, boredom or reward to compensate you for the stress in your life. There are endless emotions which take us into self destructive habits such as eating or drinking. These emotions may take you to the food but you will know the food or alcohol is just a means to soothe these feelings.

At She Can we know success is not isolated to our career, financial or social status it is first and foremost about living with a happy healthy body and mind. With this, you can thrive in all areas of your personal and professional life. International weight coach Rebecca Goodacre has partnered with She Can. Each month she shares her transformational strategies and top tips to making mind and life shifts which uproot the unhealthy emotions and patterns which keep you locked in the weight gain cycle.

If you have struggled with weight and your relationship with food or alcohol, then chances are you have tried all the fad diets, kicked your butt doing exercise you don’t enjoy, and lost a bit of weight. You may have even reached your goal. But you put it all back on again when you got sick of the restricted diet or resentful of the exercise routine you didn’t enjoy. You go back to “normal.” The way you have always done it. This is because you took the top layer off, and lost the weight, but didn’t get to the root of the cause what makes you put weight on. Here is where Rebecca starts.


If you at a turning point in life, ready to evolve into a new version of yourself are you willing to ready to make real and lasting change? – Are you ready to shift the negative emotions which keep you down and keep the weight on? If you dont get out of these cycles will you really lose weight for good or will you somehow find yourself back in the same spot, in the constant normal struggle you have with food and weight?


“Rebecca Tells Us This Is The Key
“Change What’s Normal!”

Why Your Previous Weight Loss Attempts Failed

You have reinforced over and over that you can’t keep weight off.  This is because you want weight loss now, the quick result. You want to feel better, now!  When you don’t see it or get it fast enough, you give up. This only reinforces the belief about it being too hard or that you are just not capable.

“What if weight loss was not about constantly feeling restricted and abnormal? What if long-term weight loss was about working on your emotions, habits, the way you feel about yourself, and the things in your life that cause you to overeat?”


Self-Limiting Lifestyle & Thoughts

Women are selfless and self-sacrificing.  This is part of why we look for a quick fix to feel better, so you can carry on looking after everyone else and push away the innate human desire to be someone more than you are now. Many women struggle with long-term beliefs of not being good enough, not feeling important, or some form of imposter syndrome where they will be found out as being less than in some way.

Feelings of inferiority, sadness, disappointment, and self-doubt may see you reaching for food and alcohol as an escape from dealing with painful emotions. Is This You?

“I hope my articles help you begin your ‘new normal’. Choose to learn what takes you to the food and get started creating a new normal that allows you to believe that it is possible to lose weight for good and be in a body you love.”
Protein is the single most important nutrient for losing weight.

Once we change to a healthier lifestyle, the type of fat we lose first is the hard fat around internal organs like the heart and liver. Then, if we continue to lose weight, the softer fats in the belly and thighs start to be broken down as well

If you want to live your best, most authentic life and have more energy and love to give to others, you will need to start showing it to yourself. And you know what?

You are worth it. You always have been, and you always will be.


If you are ready to lose weight for the last time, schedule a 20 minute discovery call with Rebecca Goodacre, our expert Weight and Life Coach. You will discuss your challenges, and Rebecca will share helpful tips and advice that works for you.

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You will learn some basics of getting started on your weight loss journey and feel good about yourself whilst you evolve into a stronger and more capable version of yourself.

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