Life Direction

She Can Magazine is a resource for women navigating life, career, family, and the many challenges that are thrown at us every day. Life direction, and how to find it, is as daunting as it is opaque. Is there a right answer to success? What if I spend time and energy on a long-term plan only to find it wasn’t what I thought it was, or what I wanted. Haven’t I wasted all of that precious time? It’s stultifying.

How to overcome a fear of failing, how to get rid of self-limiting thoughts, and how to live a meaningful life: these are a big part of the She Can Magazine mission with regularly articles and resources to help women find life direction.

How To Live A More Meaningful Life

Simplify Your Work Life
Life can be quite complicated, going in one direction and then suddenly spinning to the opposite extreme. It's almost as if you feel dizzy when the changes level out. So, yes, life…