Why She Can?

She Can Magazine is for women building and transforming their lives here to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Our mission is to help women break through the limitations which keep them bound within what they feel ‘ought’ to be rather than what they ‘Can’ be. We aim to help you learn, grow, and connect with other like-minded women and change-makers to pursue their success.

To succeed at anything in life, you must believe in yourself.  Your thoughts are central to everything you do, and they have the power to synchronize and align with the best opportunities or create circumstances that can hinder your progress.

How you perceive yourself is interconnected with your personal experiences. If your self-esteem and self-confidence are low, the situations you find yourself will mirror how you feel about you. Climbing the career ladder is so much harder when you perceive yourself as someone who isn’t worthy, deserving or up to the job. The same applies to relationships in your personal life. If at your core you think that you’re not good enough…other people will show you that you’re not!

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Is It Perception Or Deception?

Most people deceive themselves by having a skewed view of what they are capable of achieving. Self-perception can easily become self-deception if you’re in the habit of paying too much attention to self-criticism or others’ negative contribution.

The most important life lesson that anyone can learn is having belief in oneself. This valuable knowledge is at the core of achieving every single goal in life.

Not everyone grows up with positive role models who shower praise and accolades. Some people have to overcome a succession of life circumstances and challenges to fight the negativity that holds them back. Everyone, however, can achieve whatever they want to, provided that they become self-empowered.

It’s not what happens to you that truly matters in life. How you think about yourself, and your self-concept of every situation, is fundamental in shaping your psychological wellbeing and determining your overall success and enjoyment of life.

Your internal dialogue can mock, ridicule or shame you, and entice you to behave in ways that aren’t beneficial. It also influences your self-belief, and self-esteem, and can stop you in your tracks when you’re in hot pursuit of a goal.

Self-blame and beating yourself up about life events that didn’t go your way keep you bound up in invisible chains. With some self-reflection, you can gain crucial self-understanding to overcome personal struggles and become the best version of you.

The She Can Zero Tolerance Policies

If you’re wondering why should you look at your thoughts when pursuing any goal, you must know that the most important battle you will ever have in life is with yourself. No one sees your professional potential or appreciates you unless you do. By being accepting and compassionate towards yourself, it’s possible to conquer your inner critic and rewrite the life script you’re following.

To achieve great things in life, you need to take responsibility for your thinking. Whilst it’s not possible to change your personal history or life experiences to date, you can choose to let go of ingrained attitudes, adjust your perception, and adopt a zero-tolerance policy for self-destructive thoughts. By contemplating the impact of your thoughts you can identify how they affect every aspect of your life. If your core thoughts are positive, they will support you in your endeavours.

She Can’s empowering content reinforces positive thinking and inspires actions that move you closer towards your goals. Whether you’re embracing setbacks and creating a pathway to renewed self-belief and self-confidence, or you’re committed to maintaining a zero-tolerance for negativity in all areas of your life, understanding the power of thinking will help you achieve your targets and goals.

Read the informative She Can get mindset pieces to discover what you can do today to enhance your experiences. Our personal development tools and practical advice will also help you make changes that facilitate greater success in everything.

If you perceive yourself as someone who can achieve goals, who is worthy of career rewards and success, and who deserves relationship happiness…you really can have it all!