Change Your Mindset For Weight Loss

I was once told by a marketing guru that the terms Weight loss or Losing weight are not helpful and can have a negative psychological impact on people trying to shed a few pounds. This is because, on a subconscious level, we don’t like to lose things. The power of the subconscious mind! Therefore, it is a really good idea to change your mindset to lose weight.

Using different language and being conscious of unhelpful terms and beliefs are an important part of the weight loss (oops!) journey. Working on your mindset to release the weight is often overlooked as you go hopefully into the latest fad diet or weight-loss craze. However, developing the right mindset for weight loss is one of the biggest factors that will keep you taking action to look and feel amazing.
Why diet doesn’t work to keep weight off

There is an expectation that something outside of you has the answers. You want a quick fix to drop those extra pounds or kilos and this next diet promises that. You want someone to tell you what to do and you will do it. You just need to follow the plan. Once you get to your ideal weight you can come off the diet and go back to normal. Simple.
Here lies the first problem… when you are off the diet you may think you can go back to eating all the treats and this leads to weight gain. Enter Yo-Yo dieting.

The second problem is that diet and weight loss pills don’t solve for when your brain screams at you, “I want that piece of cake”. Or when you have had a busy day juggling ALL the balls and just want to eat that chocolate bar or pour yourself that extra glass of wine. You wrestle with your willpower for a few minutes but then decide ‘stuff it’ you are going to have it! You just want to feel better. You deserve it right?
But now you feel like you have failed the diet, and you might decide that ‘This is too hard’ or ‘I am not capable’.

However, you are capable and there is nothing wrong with you. You just need to change your mindset to lose weight. This involves knowing how to manage your brain and your emotions through the process of releasing weight on your body. Diets won’t teach you that. And if a diet feels particularly restrictive feelings of resentment and deprivation may come up. You are now spending way too much time thinking about food or wanting to be able to have what she’s having.

Do I need a weight loss mindset coach to lose weight?
You don’t need a mindset coach to lose weight, you need a mindset coach to show you the tools to keep going and keep the weight off. A mindset coach can help you uncover those crappy thoughts that keep getting in the way each time you embark on a new weight loss regime. I work with clients to not only apply new actions to lose unwanted weight and to get their energy back but to manage emotional eating, how to manage their brains desire for sugar and how to enjoy releasing weight on their body. The goal is to keep taking action for the rest of their life in a way that feels great.

This is not something we grow up knowing. When I trained as a Physical Education Teacher, I didn’t get taught these tricks. My weight would fluctuate based on how many carnivals or reports I had on at the time. Sure, I knew what to do to stop putting on weight, I just couldn’t sustain the actions to do it. I used chocolate and red wine as a reward and to dull the stress. I would feel worse and disappointed in myself which filtered through in how I showed up to the world.

Weight loss mindset program
There are many different weight loss programs, that can teach you how to lose weight. Brilliant. If you are looking for the support of a program, be sure to choose one that works on how to manage your mind and emotions. One that helps you change your mindset to lose weight. Because if you don’t, you may come unstuck and fall back into an all too familiar mindset which leads to disappointment, failure and sadness. Familiar emotions may result in you reaching for that sugary snack to feel better.

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Have a beautiful day

Rebecca Goodacre