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Get People To Listen To You At Work 

Influence is about being able to affect other people, either their thoughts or actions. The ability to change the direction of others' ideas and conduct is an important quality to develop, both…

How Does Cortisol Affect Weight?

Ever wondered why no matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of the spare tyre around your waist? The chances are your problem may be hormonal, especially if you’re over 45 and female.

Secrets To Enjoy Weight Loss

Weight Loss Can Be Enjoyable Let's face it, so many of us don't look forward to weight loss. We might see it as 'hard' or be skeptical about whether it will work…

How To Stop Eating Sugary Snacks

Why Do You Snack? When it comes to weight loss, your brain may have the urge to move back to its old familiar patterns. You may find yourself reaching for the sweet…

Sugar And Fatigue – 5 Tips To Give You More Energy

One of the biggest reasons many of my clients have found it difficult to lose weight is that they feel the need for a quick sugar fix to help them beat the dips in energy that they encounter during the day.

Why And How To Reduce Sugar In Your Diet

Although, if you decide to remove sugar entirely, consider doing it gradually, as removing something straight away can cause a relapse, and you won’t last as long without sneaking a sugary snack.

Why Is My Weight Not Going Down?

One of the first things you might do in the morning is to go to the bathroom and jump on the scale. You do this and notice that nothing has changed. Your scale number is the same! You reflect on the previous days and feel like you did everything right.

How Eating Fat Can Help You Lose Weight

Many people assume it is a case of avoiding fat as much as possible if you wanted to lose weight. However, you should definitely consume fat to lose fat.

Things Every Woman Should Know By 30

Why is 30 such a big deal for us? So many women feel they should have their lives together by 30 but don't feel they conform to this means. First, you are…

How To Become A Great Leader

While you wait for the right opportunity to step up the leadership ladder, use your observational skills to develop your Leadership Style.

Why Are Men Intimidated By Successful Women?

Historically, men are used to protecting and providing for women. Family and work traditions have varied between different cultures and generations; however, men and women's roles used to be quite clear. Work,…

How to Plan Finances For A Small Business

Some people are naturally organized with their finances, for instance, but many aren't. Not managing your finances is the biggest single reason for small business failures in the UK. You must learn…

A Professors Tips : Writing For A Good Academic Grade 

Whether you are a new student, an experienced student, or returning to education after several years, you will all face the same problem: assignments. There can be overbearing and rather frightening when…

How To Get Promotion As A Manager

Do you want to have control of your career and take the next step? Maybe you have thought about asking for a promotion but do not feel quite prepared, there isn’t an opening, or they will say no!

Take Your Team To The Next level

Being a manager can be either a simple or challenging role. While it is easy if your team are high performers, highly motivated, effective, and all like and respect each other, that…

Ways To Build Resilience When You Feel Overwhelmed

Resilience is not about being heartless or not feeling fear. Resilience is about having the capability to overcome challenges and work through setbacks. Resilience gives us the emotional strength to cope with…

Tips To Improve Your State of Mind

If you feel anxious or depressed, our first and foremost advice is to seek your doctor’s advice. This article or website does not replace qualified medical advice.  We all have worrying thoughts…

The Power Of Saying No, And Why It’s So Difficult

One of the most difficult things for people to say is no. We don’t wish to let anyone down or appear difficult by saying no, and because of this often feel that…