Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Moms

Working from home obviously keeps overheads down, but it is all about margins, making sure you buy low and sell high, or you sell your time wisely. There are many great ideas for stay-at-home parents.

Food & Baking Enterprise

If you’re already cooking all the time for your family, why not make a business out of this. There are several ways you can make a business out of culinary skills. But before you consider any culinary business ideas, remember that your kitchen must be a safe place for food preparation. You can obtain a license from your local government office.

If you choose to sell baked goods, there are a few basics you need to know. You’ll need special equipment and ingredients to get started. This depends on what you want to bake and the variety.

You will need branded packaging for your foods. Sometimes this can be as simple as labels on jars or as complex as designed boxes with embellishments.

Offering samples of your foods is a good way to get attention. They should also be packaged in your branded name and design.

You can also look into the catering business, where you can prepare entire spreads for parties. This can be done much like baking goods for individuals, but just enlarged to include bigger equipment and more ingredients.

With catering, your ingredients will also have more variety. As different customers will be interested in different types of combinations of foods.

Also, make sure you understand the size of your kitchen as opposed to how large you want to expand your business. After a while, you may be interested in renting extra space in the expansion.

Licensed Daycare

If you’re already taking care of children, why not add more! With this business, you must have a license to get started.

With daycare services, you’re only permitted a certain number of children according to the size of your home and the ratio of adults per child.

You’ll also need a license from your local government office for food preparation in the daycare kitchen.

Applications will need to be created for the parents. To take care of children, you’ll need to know what medications they take, their allergies, and any other small details of each child.
Emergency numbers will need to be collected from each parent, and any other local emergency numbers should be kept close by.

Buy & Resale

Many moms try this type of business. Some of them end up having the most profitable business. To get started with buying and reselling, first find out what’s popular and selling well online. Then shop for these hot items at thrift stores, usually paying a small amount of money. Then you can use online sites like eBay or Etsy to re-sell the items at a higher price, making a profit. Or, if you have an established website, you can sell items there too.

Make sure your used purchases are cleaned and in good condition

Search sold prices instead of listed prices on places such as eBay. Listed prices are often over the top, while prices on sold items prove their worth.

When shipping items, use quality boxes or envelopes and clearly print or write names and addresses to prevent confusion or lost packages.

Keep the tracking number so you know when the package arrives, and they can watch the progress as well.

Offer refunds when necessary, and always provide feedback so you can receive feedback in return.


Sell eBooks Online

If you’re a good writer and have many ideas to share, you can publish ebooks online. One of the most popular places to publish is Amazon. The best part about publishing ebooks is that they can be smaller than full-sized novels. But before you start, do these things:

Before you start writing, find out what everyone is reading and browse the titles that are already published. You’ll want to provide a fresh idea to the public.

Use marketing by telling your friends what you’re up to before you even publish

Create a page on social media advertising your ebooks beforehand so you can develop a following. When your book publishes, you’ll already have readers waiting to grasp the next good story.

Remember, to be profitable, the ebooks must sell. So keep marketing after you publish by sharing links, trading reviews, and mentioning your books in daily posts on social media and your website. If there are any small bookstores in your town, ask if they would consider carrying your books in their store.

Fashion Consultancy

Stay at home moms sometimes have experience in fashion and fashion merchandising, but just never really created their own business. Many people are unaware of how to match clothing articles, they don’t understand their seasonal colors, and what clothing types compliment their figure. Here’s how you can help:

If you have experience, a degree, or just vast knowledge of fashion, that’s a start

Check the latest fashions and consult with clients about their personal tastes.

If clients want you to just take full control, then start with seasonal color matching. You can do this by either purchasing a ring of color swatches or create your own with different color material.

Drape the color swatches across the client’s shoulder to determine their complimenting season. You see some colors make you look brighter and healthier than others. This is determined by the colors associated with the seasonal chart. And it’s why the swatches are so important.

Once you’ve discovered the client’s seasonal colors, you measure their hips, waist, and chest to determine their shape. Everyone has a certain basic shape, and this determines what clothing cut looks better.

When you know the shape, you can help the client shop for the color and style that compliments them most. This is still a profitable business because so many people have forgotten what looks best on them and prefer to only follow trends. You can help remind them of the basics.

Online Teaching & Tutoring

Although this avenue may require a license depending on the state you live in, teaching is a good source of income. It’s also fulfilling because you’re helping young minds to grow.

If you have a background in teaching, you’re ahead of the rest. Now you can determine what subject you wish to teach

According to the subject, you will need to purchase teaching and study materials for online use. Most of these things will be online tools and software.

If you don’t know how to learn to upload videos and conduct live streams. Make sure your speakers and video software are connected and working effectively.

Try to stay focused on one subject so you’re not overwhelmed. But, if you feel confident, you can branch out.

Always have permission slips from parents before teaching their children. You can get online signatures or applications to get started.

Charge upfront for the whole lesson, or charge per week or month. You can even set up a subscription for your home teaching and tutoring business.

If any of these options appealed to you, and you’re a stay-at-home mom, then create your plan. Always prepare before jumping in headfirst. Preparations reduce failure and increase success. Good luck to you in your business venture!