5 Signs That You Have A Real Friend

From Fake Friends To Your Best Friend

Social interactions are important, and that’s what friends are for. But how can we tell fake friends from real friends? Sometimes it’s not easy.

As humans, we crave connections. Even if we choose to live alone, we eventually look for someone to relate to in life. We need a real friend who can support us and appreciate the support we can give back to them. In life, there are many kinds of friends, but basically two renditions. There’s the fake friend and the real one.

The Difference Between Real And Fake Friends

From an association from work to your best friend of all, there are many people with whom you interact regularly. This time varies from person to person, with some people enjoying each other’s company every day to others who see their friends on rare occasions.

Either way, the most important thing you need to do, no matter how often you see the ones you care for, is to understand who’s there for you. Know for certain that your friend is someone you can count on. Here are a few signs that help you figure that out.

Consistent Behavior

A real friend is consistent with you. They aren’t just nice when they need something from you as a fake friend would be. If you have nothing to offer them, real friends will still help when you need it and provide support. Only in an emergency would a true friend not be able to help.

Don’t Talk Behind Your Back

While a fake friend might talk negatively about you when you’re not around, someone like your best friend would never do that. The way your loved one acts in front of you is how they will act when you are not around. What’s more, they will also take up for you if someone says something disparaging about you or your character. A friend like this will fight for your honor.

Keep In Contact

Fake friends, as I said before, come around when they need something. But, when it comes to your best friends, they will try and keep in contact with you, even if it’s been a while. They will call to see how you are and what you’ve been doing. They may stop by and take you out for lunch. But, what they won’t do is use you, and that’s a fact.

They Are Trustworthy

A real friend can be trusted. In fact, there is no secret you cannot tell them. You may often want someone to talk to, but you’re afraid to tell just anyone these personal things or about the problems you’re facing. Your best friend or devoted loved one can be trusted to not only keep your secrets but also trusted to do things for you. For example, if you ask a real friend to watch your home while you’ve on vacation, they can be trusted to do this as well.

Love You For Who You Are

There’s another thing that fake friends aren’t known for, and that’s loving you for the quirky way you are. If you pay close attention, you will notice the strange looks they give you when you’re overly silly or weird. They may even criticize the way you’re acting. But, on the other hand, a genuine friend will appreciate you just for who you are and nothing more/nothing less.

Who Are Your True Friends?

It doesn’t take much guessing to figure out who’s there for you unconditionally and who’s there for the ride. A fake friend will be there for you if things are going well and fun is to be had. But when it starts to get complicated, these friends will disappear, and you’ll learn things about them and yourself. A real friend, on the other hand, is always going to love you, and even when times seem unbearable, they’ll be there by your side.

I hope this helps you understand who your real friends are so that you can be thankful for their presence.