Gaining awareness about the effect we have on others makes a profound difference to our success. Being able to revamp our approach and develop approaches and techniques for managing our professional style helps take charge of how we are percieved and how we feel about ourselves.

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Revamp Your Professional Style

Have you ever admired someone just by the way they walk across the room? You likely admire their presence than just their appearance. You know this person is aware who she is, what she wants, and precisely where she is going. She is confident, credible and robust. She is someone that is going to get the job done. She has what we call personal impact.

Personal impact is as much of a state of mind as it is also a skill set.

This course covers the key thinking and communication skills that highly competent individuals possess. You will understand how and why people behave as they do to gain a better understanding of your workplace dynamics. You will learn how to reframe your perception of yourself in the work environment and boost you confidence.<br
You will know how to apply confidence habits and implement assertiveness tools to enhance relationships and heighten your value within your organizations.

How Will This Course Help Me To Suceed ?

Our Hallmark promise is that you will complete this program with a toolkit of highly effective impact techniques that make a meaningful difference to how you feel about yourself and how you present yourself around others in personal and professional settings.

Skill You Will Learn





Relationship Management



Topics Covered

How You See Yourself In Challenge
Developing Confidence
Reframing Our Interpretation
What Makes Someone Credible
Developing Thoughts To Support Effective Skills.
Understanding Others
Developing Productive Relationships
Assertiveness & Effective Communication Tools

By the End of this course you will be able to;

  • Identify symptoms and causes of lack of confidence and learn to reframe your perspective for a powerful sense of self.
  • Identify where your unique authority and power reside and how this can be utilized to make your impact in the room.
  • Apply a range of tools to think, feel and speak confidently
  • Understand how assertiveness works and why it improves relationships and how you are perceived in the workplace.
  • Know-how and where to set boundaries and how to communicate them without damaging relationships.
  • Maintain positive relationships and develop simple techniques to remain focused and centered through conflict and adversity,
  • Apply the 10 rules for being recognized as a credible, dynamic individual.
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