What You Need To Give Up For As A Successful Business Woman

Give Up Your Need To Solve Easy Problems

To be a success in business you will need to solve many difficult problems. Some problems are easy and require a simple, quick fix, whereas the difficult ones are the most challenging. However, success comes with challenges, so push the boat out and solve the difficult problems, as well as the easy ones. This will give you a huge amount of satisfaction and personal strength.

Give Up Spending Time With Negative People

There is nothing to be gained from interacting with negative people. Instead, be around people you can learn from. Be inspired by your friends. It’s true when they say that negativity feeds negativity, and it’s the same with positivity. If you surround yourself with positive people, you’ll more than likely feel more positive yourself. You’ll take on challenges with an open mind and a positive outlook.

Give Up Bad Habits

We all have them, except successful people know how to get rid of bad habits. First, create small deterrents to remove bad habits from your life. If you take a step back and look intently at your bad habits and then introduce a small fine, you must pay to break the habits, and you’ll be more inclined to take the challenge head-on. Second, beware of bad habits and eliminate them when you catch yourself. This could be as simple as procrastinating for too long and minimizing it to reduce every time you notice yourself.

Give Up Your Need To Make Everyone Happy

If you spend your time making other people happy, you’ll soon find that you’ve become unhappy. You’ll never please everyone, and that’s the way the world works. There will always be someone who isn’t happy with something you’ve done, and do you really want to spend your time fixing something for one person, or would you prefer to be thankful for all of the other people who are happy and appreciate what you’ve done? You could have the best product in the world, and some customers will still be upset. Just remember that it’s also okay no to please everyone.

Give Up Your Desire For Huge Changes

Small incremental changes are more likely to help you succeed. For example, if you make a big change suddenly, you’ll be more inclined to drop back into the habit before long. Whereas, if you make small changes, little and often, you’ll find that you’re sticking to them for longer periods, and when you have some reflection time, you’ll be pleased with yourself.

Give Up Your Need For Instant Gratification

You must have the patience to succeed. Everything takes longer than you originally expect it to. This is the same at work or home. There is always usually something that will get in the way, whether it’s an important call or you misread a paragraph that needed changing. Instead, take a break and come back with patience. Things go wrong, and that’s okay. If things went right all the time, we’d never learn. Just remember to prepare yourself that success takes time mentally, but you will get there. Feel confident in yourself and your decisions to succeed if you make the right decisions and work hard.

Give Up Your Desire To Compare Yourself To Others

It is easy to hear news about another person or business who has done something that you see as amazing and feel about frustration and jealously. Start-up X received a $4 million venture investment. So, what? Why should you care? You shouldn’t. It doesn’t affect your business. Ignore the noise. Whether you find out something is 100% true or not, it doesn’t and shouldn’t affect you and your livelihood. Stay focused on building your own success; that’s all that matters—nobody else.

Give Up Your Fear Of Faking It

This doesn’t mean that you should build your business on lies, but it does mean that if you want an impressive address, you could pay for an executive office instead of your own personal space. Again, this isn’t wrong or bad; it just means that sometimes, it’s nice to have our own secrets and something to build upon. It might be a dream of yours to have your own office, and making that first step to that is okay. It’s the same as having a team of 10 contractors instead of 10 full-time employees. Everyone must start from somewhere, and everyone builds from somewhere.

Give Up Your Fear Of Seeking Out Help

You can’t succeed alone. We can’t all succeed off our own backs, and that’s completely okay. If you’re struggling or need some advice, then ask for help. We all struggle to ask for help in fear of being wrong or looked down on, but you should ultimately be confident about your need to ask for help. Ask other people who may have been in the same position as you; entrepreneurs, practitioners, and other individuals with the skills you need to succeed. Asking for help nicely and patiently will give you results and help you in more ways than you thought.

Give Up Your Fear Of The Unknown

There is nothing scarier than the unknown. However, you must learn to embrace the unknown if you want to succeed. Especially when you’re starting a new business, every path you take will be new and unscathed ground. Replace your fear of the unknown with curiosity and enthusiasm to succeed in the business industry. Welcome the unknown. Expect to see the unknown. The unknown is what will take your business to new highs.

Give Up Huge Goals

Act. Do your best. Move onto the next task. You are now one step closer to success. Nothing will frustrate you more than failing to accomplish a huge goal. Don’t get me wrong; it is great to have a dream. However, big dreams will not help you succeed. Small goals and actions will. The world is full of so many dreamers who do nothing and still expect to succeed. If you want to start a business, promote yourself to try and get your first customer. Don’t fool yourself and set a target of 100s of customers a month because this will dishearten you and push you closer to quitting. Once you’ve got your first customer, you can concentrate on more promotions with that customer’s help, and then more customers will come, and you can concentrate on bigger numbers. Don’t go too big, though. One comes, one goes and then concentrates on the next 5 or 10. Huge goals are great, and if you have them, put them on your future goal list. Otherwise, they become success killers.

Give Up Your Desire To Separate Business From Your Personal Life

There is no separation from business and personal when you become an entrepreneur. It all becomes personal, more than you imagined. It will all influence your personal life. When you’re working on your business, you think of how certain aspects will affect your personal life and affect your personal life. If you try to separate the two, it will be a futile exercise and will put more strain on you as a person, resulting in a knock-on effect on everything else.

Give Up Distractions

Entrepreneurs get excited about new ideas for business. They love chasing the next big idea. The problem is that distractions fail. You must minimize all distractions if you want to succeed in business. If you have great ideas, but distractions get in the way, then this means you’re not doing anything to action these ideas. Instead, you’ll allow them to get further and further away from the forefront. One good idea with great execution will lead you to a higher success than 100 great ideas without any action.

Give Up Your Vulnerabilities

We are all vulnerable. Even if you deny it, you are vulnerable. It all depends on the way you handle these vulnerabilities and how you succeed. If you play on your vulnerabilities, you’re more than likely going to end up in a ball of regret and disappointment, whereas if you identify them and give them up, you are more than likely going to succeed.

Give Up Your Hopes For The Future

It is fine to look ahead, but you must focus on the now. Your future depends on your actions today, not yesterday or tomorrow. Hoping for something to happen sometime in the future will not get you there. What you do today will. Dreaming is like sugar; you’ll have a quick sugar rush from it, but you’ll soon end up crashing. If you keep dreaming with no action, as previously stated, you will never succeed.

Give Up Getting Approval For Your Actions

No one can tell you what to do. Ultimately, it would help if you made the decision. Entrepreneurs are often criticized for their actions. You don’t always need the approval of other people when it comes to making your own decisions. Yours are just as good as anyone else’s. As soon as you have your decision in place, you must then act, regardless of if people agree or not. Your job is to make your decisions on available data.

Give Up Your Fear Of Rejection

Even the greatest ideas are rejected some of the time. You can’t succeed without positively dealing with rejection. We can get rejected in many forms and in many times of our life, but this doesn’t mean you should pack it in and never think of the idea again. Rejection isn’t nice, and it can cause us to feel disheartened, but instead, use that frustration as an escape for picking yourself up and trying again.

Give Up Viewing Rejection As A Personal Flaw

You are not a loser because someone said “no” to you. It doesn’t always have to mean never; it can mean “not now,” “maybe later,” or “not in this format.” Think of rejection as necessary feedback to get the “yes.” You could ask why the rejection took place and then use this to create something bigger and better.

Give Up Your Desire To Be Perfect

If you are human, you have weaknesses. You need to realize that you’re not perfect, and the sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll stop trying to fit in the perfect stereotypes. Don’t try to fix your weaknesses. Instead, get help for weak areas and focus on the strengths that you possess.

Give Up Your Need To Over Analyse

You can always do more research. You can always read more about a topic. You can always learn more about an idea. But, will it help you succeed? Not research alone, no. Only action will help you succeed. It would be best if you trust your instincts. You’ll feel more confident in your decisions once you’ve done all of your homework, but remember, learning is great, but it’s the steps you take to put those words into action that will help you succeed and become the best business person.

Give Up Your Desire To Live In The Past

Does something from your past haunt you? Drop it. We all make mistakes. The faster you get over it, the more likely will you succeed. The past is an opportunity to learn. Nothing more. Don’t let your past define your future. Move on. Act. Succeed. The past troubles are that we can do absolutely nothing to change it; the only thing we can do is learn from it. Learn from the mistakes you made and ensure that you don’t make the same ones again.

Give Up The Need To Hold A Grudge

It makes you bitter. Accept people the way they are. Did someone double-cross you? Move on with your life. Forget about it. To hold a grudge is a waste of time, and it will not help you succeed. Holding grudges won’t do anything but make you feel negative, and the more you hold onto it, the more of an impact it’ll have on other aspects of your life. Remember, that person may not feel the same way towards you, so why should you?

Give Up Complaining

Complainers and gossipers are for people who aren’t spending their time on the solutions. Don’t get pulled into the theatrics and small mindsets of others. If you spend your time complaining, you’re giving away the opportunity and wasting too much precious time when you could be taking action and making things better for yourself.