Ways To Empower Women

People of all cultures and backgrounds still don’t quite know the right way to behave with women. So maybe you might like to forward this article to someone who hasn’t quite got up with the times in your workplace.

Think of Women Not As Women But As People

Don’t look at a woman as someone who can’t handle a tough job. Likewise, don’t refer to her as someone incapable of completing the same task as a man. Instead, bring her in on the same level as men and expect the same from her. Pay the same and judge by the same standards. After all, women are individual people and fully capable of completing the same tasks and jobs as men.

Embrace Herself Advocacy

A woman standing her ground for what she believes in is still seen as a “bit too much.” Accept that women can face things head-on; just because she takes a sideways approach doesn’t mean she is failing. Women have full rights to speak up for what they believe in and do things according to what they believe is right.

Embrace Her Confidence

Encourage the women in your life to believe in who they are. Please encourage them to flourish with confidence and to show it in every way. Confidence in women is brilliant, and nobody should dampen that.

Recognize Her Performance

Empower and advance based on merit, not social justice. Performance is critical in any role, whether it be at work or home. If a woman has put all her energy into a task, you should acknowledge that, and praise should be given.

Recognize She Has Big Goals and Dreams

All of this is ok, as our individual goals and objectives should measure our individual success. There may always be a differential in the types of jobs that men and women take and how they approach them. If this is consistent with what each individual wants for their own measure of success, that’s not anyone else’s business to judge.

Respect That Women Do Not Want to Live Through Someone Else.

In her book, ‘The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedman stated, “It is easier to live through someone else than to complete yourself… It is frightening when a woman finally realizes that there is no answer to the question ‘who am I’m except the voice inside herself.” Since young girls, we have been sold the dream of having children and supporting the family as the highest order of achievement, and if we don’t, we have failed as a woman. Women do not have to live backstage, bolstering the lives of their husbands and children. She can stand in her own right, claim her own independence and determine her own autonomy regardless of whether she is a mother or not.

Embrace Her Childbearing Capabilities As A Superpower

Accept that just because she can be pregnant doesn’t mean she is a burden on the business. On the contrary, it is a beautiful experience, becoming a mum and watching a baby grow from the belly and into the real world. But a baby and becoming a mum doesn’t make a woman any less of a person. In fact, a woman should be seen as a superwoman because she has had a child and brought it into the world. In my own experience and chats with many parents, we learned becoming a parent developed a range of emotions and superpowers which were untapped before having children. To list a few, we noticed we became even more robust, responsible, determined, organized, and able to function on less sleep, and the experience improved our leadership abilities at work.

Learn How To Greet And Talk To Her

She isn’t a delicate little flower that can be broken. Firm, solid handshakes are a sign of respect for her strength. Flimsy handshakes say more about the way you already see her. Grasp the whole hand, not the tips of her fingers, with a firmness that signifies your warmth and respect to her. Women can handle a lot more than they are given credit for, and should be given respect from the moment you first meeting and onwards.

Be Aware Of How You Speak About Women 

Consider how you speak about women. Both women and men should set a good example and speak well of women. She is not an ice queen because she is powerful, is not emotionally unstable because she is angry, is not an opportunist because she is wealthy, and is not unintelligent because she is beautiful. She is not a bitch because she stood firmly in her convictions. Gender equality is about us being able to express who we are inside. Right now, it is time for women to bring out their highest potential without fear of ridicule and judgment. If you wouldn’t speak to your mum like it, you shouldn’t speak to any woman.

Raise Each Other

Raising each other is not about flattery. It’s about standing behind the dreams and goals of women. It is encouraging her and finding ways to help her what she wants to be. Then, take action and stand for her success. Empowering other women doesn’t make you less powerful or less ambitious; it means that you’re raising women together and creating a stand.

Speak Up

How often do we see women being judged because she is seen as too emotional, too bitchy or too ruthless? It is unlikely a man be branded the same if he was angered or drew firm lines, but on the flip side, if a man cries or chooses to enter a childcare profession, he is equally scrutinized. How many children’s movies make humor from a woman slapping or punching a man in anger? Consider the movie Frozen. Anna punches Prince Hans in the face. Would we accept such violence if this was an act from a man? How can we ask for equality when a woman is perceived as too weak to do significant harm?  These expectations we have on gender roles impact our daughters and sons. If we become proactively conscious and speak out, we are letting the world know it is time for this generation to make that change. We cannot pass this problem on to another generation or wait for the institutional powers to change this. Together we can make a world of difference for our daughters and our sons.

Accept All Types Of Gender

Being a woman doesn’t mean sexy, passive, feminine, or childbearing goddess. On the contrary, regardless of faith, body type, sexuality, clothing, and a long list of other stereotypical norms attached, a woman is a woman. So let’s begin to question our thinking.