Own Your Perception & Overcome Obstacles

The key to overcoming obstacles, lies within your power to change how you perceive them. Obstacles can be viewed differently, rather than a dead end. Owning your perception is the first step to take when overcoming obstacles. Considering if you are using the obstacle against yourself will help you identify if you need to change how you view yourself in adversity, rather than what the obstacle is. Is it a mountainous difficulty with no end in sight, or is it a mountain that needs to be climbed in lots of small steps?

Both sides of the coin

• It important not focus entirely on the negatives. This creates overwhelming feelings and just makes you feel helpless in the situation.

• Consider both the negatives and positives in a realistic manner. Don’t just focus on the positive points either or you will not put in the work necessary to clear your path. Think rationally and think with a clear mind, and try and take the emotional feelings out. This will help you formulate a plan to continue your growth. Seeing negative aspects sometimes gives us a chance to growand having that positive optimistic outlook gives us the energy and drive.

True acknowledgment of negatives

• When negative events happen in your life, own them. Never pretend like they do not exist. It’s easier to deal with negative issues if you’re able to face them head on. Obstacles challenge you, both physically and mentally. This can potentially stretch your abilities. So, when negativity comes into play, respect that growth and renewal comes from leaving your comfort zone.

• Don’t resent obstacles just because they take lots of energy sometimes. Facing obstacles now can train you for larger ones, that you might otherwise not been able to deal with. One of my favourite quotes, is ‘Heroes are never born in times of peace’ The negatives are what push is to be more.

Appreciate the positives

• Look deeply at the situation until you see the positive aspects. Positivity in challenges, since they help you grow, will make you become a better person. And this is one of the most important goals in life

• Be honest about how you feel during challenges. You will see ugly parts of yourself when facing obstacles. But this is a good thing.

• Get to know yourself as much as you try to learn about others. During the challenges, remember details about your personality so you can learn from them later. Things you’ve never seen before will come out of you when faced with certain situations.

• Get out of your own way and allow your self-esteem to grow. As you face things in life that surprise you, it reveals who you really are. Learn to appreciate that person despite all the flaws.

• Build new friendships by sharing hardships. People tend to bond when sharing their challenges in life. Do this. Allow this to happen and find your support system.