10 Things To Do In San Diego To Get Yourself Out of The Blues

Whenever you feel low and inward-focused, the world seems to start and end with your thoughts, and your reality can seem somewhat limited. While you may feel like staying under the duvet getting lost in a Netflix vortex, ask yourself where this will take you. In my view, the antidote to slow, idle thoughts is something fast-paced and vibrant that shakes you up, and you can’t help but find your smile. So, if it’s you or a friend who needs a pick me up, here is a list of my favorite things that will get your googlies kickstarted and feeling vibrant and refreshed.

Hiking In Mission State Park

Mission State Park is excellent for a long or short but stunning hike. This is ideal when you want to leave the city and the beach behind and experience something invigorating, including the feeling of freshness—clean air with a complete absence of traffic jams. So, make a day of it, pack a lunch, don’t forget the water bottles and your favorite walking boots, and plan your trip from San Diego to Mission Trails State Park to enjoy this perfect location for hiking. There are over 60 miles of trails to discover, all with stunning views. If you have already been there, chances are you have re-visited. If this will be your first time, the chances are you will want to re-visit! This wonderful park of 7,220 acres is just northeast of San Diego. Check out the visitors center first to learn about the environment and the hikes you can do.  Mission Trails State Park.

Ride A Bike On Mt. Soledad

Another great outdoorsy thing to do in San Diego as an alternative to hiking is biking. If you enjoyed the fresh, clean air whilst hiking, Mt. Soledad would give you a similar experience with a wide range of bike trails in a beautiful natural setting. This is a great way to exercise and can be enjoyed by the novice and the professional!

If you want to push yourself, rent a bike and cycle up to the top of Mt. Soledad for a fantastic panoramic view. With clear skies, you can see far to the south, possibly as far as Mexico, for a truly memorable and satisfying experience. Ride Around Mt. Soledad

Visit Self Realization Fellowship Gardens In Encinitas

I have traveled six continents quite extensively, and I can say there is nowhere as revitalizing as these gardens. During my days in London, I dream of it. With lush fern, Koi ponds, gentle trickling waterfalls, and a breeze from the ocean there is an instant sense of peace, serenity and protection as you walk inside the gates. This is far from any bustling attraction as visitors walk in calm and silence with warm smiles of acknowledgment to each other. Standing on the cliffs overlooking miles of coastline, you may sit and meditate and feel the breeze blow away all your worries. Even during my fun 20’s I would visit the gardens and leave feeling renewed, refreshed and somehow more in tune with the world.  

Get Views Of San Diego Bay From The Cabrillo National Monument

The Cabrillo National Monument is where Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo became the first European to set foot on the West Coast back in 1542. This is a trendy place for modern explorers to follow in the footsteps of the early pioneers. You can see for miles out to the horizon and across the skyline of Downtown San Diego. It really is well worth the visit. place to visit in San Diego– mainly because of its fantastic sunset. You can also enjoy the many beaches along Loma Point, get views of the Bay, and experience those majestic sundowners. This is undoubtedly one of the best things to do for free in San Diego, and it is located at the southern tip of Point Loma, San Diego.

Take The Helm Of A Boat

For a complete change, why not rent a speedboat in San Diego? Yes, it’s quite an easy thing to do and a great experience. You can zoom around the harbor seeing historical monuments at your own pace, and getting to spot marine life from the boat. This is possibly the most incredible and adventurous activity to do around San Diego, either with children or with your partner. Just remember that there are other boats in and around San Diego harbor, including the USS Midway, so while there is plenty to see, watch your speed!

 Kayaking The Seven Caves At La Jolla

La Jolla is an essential part thing of San Diego and not to be missed. There are seven beautiful coastal caves located inside a 75 million-year-old cliff and are perfect for exploring in a kayak.

The caves are individually named: White Lady, Little Sister, Shopping Cart, Sea Surprise, Arch Cave, Sunny Jim’s Cave, and lastly, Clams Cave. I am sure you will agree these are an interesting set of names, and you can discover the reasons behind the names when you are there. This is an amazingly scenic part of the Californian coast and is truly fun for all the family.

Try Paragliding At Torrey Pines Gliderport

If you’re looking for something genuinely adventurous to do in San Diego and you want to get some fantastic views, Torrey Pines is the place. 

Not only is it a stunning area for nature, walks, and the beach, you can also try your hand at something completely different as it is one of the foremost sites in the whole country for paragliding. There are wonderful views of the La Jolla coast and San Diego itself, and the last time I went there, I saw my first ever Bobcat in the wild! If you have no experience at paragliding (and not many of us do), you can book a tandem flight to experience the same feeling but without fear! And if the thought of doing this isn’t your thing at all, you should still make the journey to watch the paragliders circling like birds. It’s pretty beautiful. Tip: Go to Cliffhanger Cafe (open from 9 am to 4 pm) to get the best views of those crazy ‘gliders.

Tour On A Scooter

Now for a complete change! All the previous suggestions involve physical exercise, so maybe it’s time to kick back and let the motor take the strain. An increasingly popular method of exploring San Diego is by Scooter.

Many guides recommend the following as the best parts of San Diego: The Arts District, Gaslamp Quarter, the Business District, Stockton, Presidio Park, Mission Hills, and Fort Stockton as you could manage all of them in one day with a scooter. These scooters are pretty cool even though they are not Harleys, but you will be provided with talking GPS to keep on track, and it is one of the more unusual things to do in San Diego and get yourself around town. So book yourself some wheels and get going!

Visit The Seals At Children’s Pool In La Jolla

Back to La Jolla again to view nature’s finest. The Children’s Pool at La Jolla is another wonderful, free attraction in Southern California. Here, you can see various seals either bathing, basking, or birthing, or just playing in the sand. In addition, there are some fantastic walks along the sea wall, and it is an ideal place for a day out with the family or just a quiet spot for lunch. Alternatively, enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine as this is often the best time to view the seals after they have gone out in search of food.

Take A Walk Down Torrey Pines State Beach

This is a wide, sandy beach that stretches for 4.5 miles from just north of La Jolla to the base of some sandstone cliffs at Torrey Pines Mesa. The north section of the beach is popular with families and has excellent facilities, including showers, bathrooms, lifeguards, and a safe place for children to play and swim. The southern section, Black’s Beach, is popular with nudists and considered better for surfing (although there is no requirement to combine these two activities!) The walk down the beach is fabulous, just be sure not to b caught by the tide as it is just you and some very steep cliffs.