This customized expert led 1-2-1 Coaching program is designed to help you shift those sticking points that get in the way of your success and develop a powerful character of leadership that fits your style. Working on a 1-2-1 basis with your expert coach we will revamp your confidence, mindset, communication style, professional style so you can you can lead at your best.

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Executive presence – The Style of Gravitas

How would it feel if you could exude confidence, trust, decisiveness, and integrity effortlessly and every time? What difference would it make if you observed any scenario with your employees and knew precisely how to lead them? What results would you see if knew how to lead well under pressure and were able to articulate clearly and effectively no matter what was in front of you?

The confidence you inspire in others will determine how much you influence them. It determines how much they want to do business with you and how much employees want to follow you and bring their best to the job. People will invest time, effort, and money where they have confidence. Gaining the confidence of others has insurmountable value for leaders and their companies. This program focuses on shifting unproductive thinking and behaviors and designing a leadership style that makes an impact. The Executive Presence Programs is the most demanding of all our programs – There is no room for old excuses and habits in here. It is about you being at your absolute best and being willing to take the action to yourself to get there.

What Will My Leadership Coaching Program Help Me Achieve ?

This program aims to develop a broad range of competencies in the following areas. However, your program will be designed specifically for you. We will design it to focus on uprooting the problems which hold you back and building strong competencies in the areas you need the most.

Self-management – Capitalise on your unique personal strengths. Build Confidence.  Amend unproductive thinking and habits. Challenge limiting beliefs about yourself as a powerful leader. Enhance your emotional intelligence. Develop a winning mindset.

Efficacy – Build reputation and be recognized for what you stand for. Drop reactive and become proactive.

Influence & political savvy  – Manage conflict, difficult people, diverse opinions, and competing agendas. Influence challenging group situations in a productive direction. Develop the right leadership skills needed to overcome ongoing unproductive employee behavior. Be a person who forges relationships inside and outside the organization.

Communication & listening skills

Understand the impact your communication has on others. Use the power of language to engage and inspire others.

Strategic intelligence  – Develop a leadership presence to inspire a culture of productivity.  Learn key skills to build and sustain momentum, create a common understanding and engender commitment.

Performance focus – Learn how you can utilize values, vision, and goal setting as a core navigating tool to inspire confidence. Keep everyone on track and collaborate across business functions. Make decisions that are strategically consistent with each other

Managing stress, uncertainty & change – Operate effectively under stress presenting yourself as composed, well prepared, and in control to inspire confidence to show you are ready to take on more.

What Will You Get To Make Sure Your Money Was Worth The Investment?

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