5 Top Ted Talks For Your Career That Provide Career Advice

Nothing is more interesting than watching someone discuss the things they are passionate about and learning so much in the process. Some of my favorite TED Talks for professionals have been some of the more ‘unconventional’ topics. There are a few that you might find intriguing.

TED Talks For The Young Professional

Any professional network can benefit from watching a few TED Talks. They are informative and helpful in so many ways. You would be surprised by the eye-opening information you can derive from these talks. Here are a few of our favorite:

How To Manage Collective Creativity – Linda Hill 

Linda Hill talks about how you can help your company flourish and make the best out of any work situation. Linda urges organizational leaders to let go of conventional leadership notions and embrace the approach that unleashes collective talent and creativity.

How To Use Experts – And When Not To – Noreena Hertz

Noreena Hertz explains when you should be asking for advice and that relying on too many expert opinions can be limiting and dangerous for your business. She details the best time to use experts and when not to.

How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over – Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins talks about how you can get yourself out of that rut by harnessing your own energy to just get on and do it!  Dreams won’t happen on their own; they start with you, and taking action ensures they come true. Robbins highlights that by deciding what you want and using the energy which pushes you to do great things is the right way to take action.

Do You Need To Be A Bitch – Tabatha Coffey

This is both an informative and humorous TED Talk. She explains how just being yourself is the best way to succeed. Tabatha identifies how women’s cattiness is a destructive force to us all and explains the approach which we should consider instead.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable – Luvvie Ajayi 

This TED Talk is all about saying yes to the things that scare and intimidate you. Ajayi discusses the strength we can receive by taking action on the things which scare us the most. Ajayi speaks about her initial struggles which eventually helped her find professional footing. She that its important to ask yourself three questions; Did you mean it? Can you defend it? Did you say it with love? It would help if you answered each question with “yes.” or consider deeper inquiry within yourself.

Why TED Talks Work

These talks are compact but offer key advice and differing perspectives in a way that we all can appreciate.