Our Mission

Knowledge is the main driving force of modern society. It is a source of power and competitive advantages in work and life. The world has never developed at such a rapid pace. The model of going to college to gain knowledge for life is outdated. If you want to succeed today and stay ahead of the race for improvement and change, it is essential to upgrade your knowledge and skills continually.

Education should not be elitist, locked behind branded University walls, high price tags, and within the minds of professors and teachers. As John Dewey poignantly explains, knowledge is a human right. “Education is not preparation for life. Education is life.”

Achieving merit and ability is only possible through education. Education plays a significant role in propelling individuals towards upward social mobility, but As Sonya Sotomayer so beautifully articulates, ‘Until we get equality in education, we won’t have an equal society” We are far from a level playing field if those without advantage can not access knowledge to participate. What kind of hegemoneous society do we have if only those with opportunity represent and lead us?

Hallmark Leadership is a for profit business which offers professional and leadership education and training. Hallmark’s free publication, She Can Magazine offers professional and personal development advice and essential know- how to women seeking to achieve their life goals.

Through our work it is our mission to make quality professional learning affordable and accessible to help you develop the knowledge and skills for your own fulfillment and today and tomorrow’s workplace. Thousand dollar price tags make quality education a difficult achievement for many. That is why we work on low monthly fees of $35 US Dollars and £25 British pound for UK residents. This year we will also work alongside many charities to sponsor learners who require further financial support and resources to support their learning.

Many factors are associated with inequality and attainment gaps, including economic disadvantage, ethnicity, disability, and gender. Through our work at Hallmark and She Can Magazine, we are committed to creating learning opportunities for disadvantaged women to climb the career ladder and develop as leaders. Our mission is to promote the needs of marginalized groups and ensure our professional educational resources are available to those who have the desire and ability to gain from it. Learning is a passport to our future. Our future is one that is equally represents all groups.

“The direction in which education starts a (wo)man will determine (her) his future life.”― Plato

Nicola Mann
CEO – Hallmark Leadership
Editor – She Can Magazine