Teacher training for parents. Number 2. What is the objective?


Duration: 1 hr

The teacher training for parents’ series. This short webinar series aims to support parents in helping their children learn whilst at home. I have spoken to parents who ‘don’t know where to start’, who feel ‘overwhelmed’ by what they have been asked to do and are struggling with the different methods that their children are using. What we hope to do is to identify some key ideas that are well evidenced that demystify what learning is and focus on what is useful. These ideas are often introduced during initial teacher training courses, so think of this as a ‘best bits of education training’ course that cuts out the teaching practice – ‘cus you’re getting that every day! Baking cakes is a perfect example of an activity that can draw in many learning objectives, but we need to be mindful of what we want to learn in an activity. This webinar will help parents to recognise what they are planning for their child to learn. Basically, the principle is to keep it simple, make it fun and not try to achieve too much. Do one thing and learn it well! Presented by Pete Jarrett

Created By:  SEND Group