Stress & Change Management for Design and Construction Professionals


Duration: 4 hrs

What you’ll learn

  • Describe several theories that define stress and how it affects general health.
  • Using the BREAD formula, identify how stress affects both your physical and psychological health.
  • Using the BREAD formula, identify immediate relief from the symptoms of stress.
  • Using the BREAD formula, identify techniques to gain permanent release from the underlying causes of stress.
  • Learn and identify possible solutions to stress using the SMART approach.
  • Develop a personal SMART program, using the BREAD formula.


Stress can be defined as a chronic imbalance of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This 4-hour interactive online course discusses the dangerous effects of stress and how to control stress through a Stress Management and Relaxation Training Program (SMART). This course is divided into three parts, providing the student with a background study of stress, reasons why it is a problem and practical tested information and techniques concerning stress. These techniques can improve the quality and, very likely, the length of your life. There will be a test included at the end of this course. Vector Solutions has a long history of providing industry-specific content for its customers. While this course and its content remain accurate and functional within our systems, the look and feel may not match our more modern offerings.

Created By:  Vector Solutions