Sales Skills – Managing Yourself


Duration: 2 hrs

What you’ll learn

  • Devising a personal development plan
  • Set personal objectives
  • Discover barriers to achieving personal targets and how to overcome them
  • Learn how to give and receive formal and informal feedback
  • Defining the sales team
  • Find out about the benefits of team selling
  • Learn the stages of team development
  • Identify reasons for managing your time
  • Prioritize tasks 


Anyone who has been involved in sales for even a short time will know that success does not come overnight. It takes experience, planning, and a lot of determination to be in the right place with the right product or service at the right time. Just getting to meet your customer is much more than a matter of luck. Yet even then, no sale is a foregone conclusion. This course will help the salesperson to master a range of vital skills at all stages of the sales process.

Course Contents

  • Improving Performance
  • Feedback
  • Working in Teams
  • Time and Territory Management
  • Including: Check my Understanding Tests and Full Course Test

Created By:  Jenison