Sales Cycle-Management


Duration: 15 hrs 8 mins

What you’ll learn

  • The psychology and techniques of effective prospecting
  • How to categorize, organize and qualify leads
  • How to build positive relationships based on trust and respect
  • Questioning techniques for every stage of the sales process
  • How to listen effectively to improve sales success
  • How to present and recommend products and services persuasively
  • Techniques to develop your influence for better negotiations and leadership
  • How to plan, strategize, carry out win-win negotiations
  • How to understand, prevent and resolve concerns and objections
  • The psychology and techniques of closing sales with different buyer types
  • Techniques and etiquette for follow up and ensuring customer satisfaction and retention
  • How to ask for and leverage strategic referrals


What are the core customer-facing skills and behaviors that you need to achieve sales success when working with customers, clients and prospects? Our sales cycle management curriculum focuses on the skills needed to achieve sales excellence. You will learn key sales skills of prospecting, qualifying, presenting, resolving concerns, confirming, follow-through, and building referrals. You will also learn communication skills such as listening, questioning, building rapport, influence techniques and negotiation skills.

Created By:  Chart Learning Solutions