Rotating Equipment Accessories


Duration: 5 hrs 11 mins

Course Objective

This module explores the importance, features, workings and types of rotating equipment accessories. The learner receives an overview of the types, working principles, symptoms of failure and troubleshooting of bearings, seals, cooling systems, transmission devices, and the effects of lubrication failure.

Target Audience

Oil & Gas and Manufacturing Industries

Target Audience

  • Identify the purpose of bearings.
  • Explain the working principle of bearings.
  • Explain various types of bearings.
  • Identify the symptoms and effects of bearings’ failure.
  • Describe the purpose of seals.
  • Explain the working principle of seals.
  • Classify seals.
  • Explain the double mechanical seals, seal pot and gas seal.
  • Explain the symptoms and effects of seal failure.
  • Explain the purpose of cooling system.
  • Explain the various types of cooling systems.
  • Identify various applications of cooling systems.
  • Explain the purpose of Lubrication.
  • Explain various types of lubrication.
  • Explain various applications of lubrication oils.
  • Explain the purpose and types of transmission devices.
  • Identify the purpose of coupling.
  • Explain the working principle of coupling.
  • Describe various types of coupling.
  • Describe the belt system Explain various types of belts in the belt system.
  • Describe the chain system.
  • Explain the gear system.

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