Recognizing the Obstacles (Create a Knockout Graphic Design Portfolio)


Duration: 11 mins

A portfolio is a designer’s calling card. Job-seeking designers must capture the interest of potential clients and employers, but the elements of an attention-grabbing portfolio are far from obvious. Create a Knockout Design Portfolio changes that.

In this class, Ram Castillo will help you through every stage of portfolio development from conceptualization to organization to dissemination.

Think of your portfolio as a sales pitch – as a designer you are selling a service the employer is buying.Learn how to sell your skills through the contents and structure of your portfolio. In this class, Ram will help you develop a clear action plan for creating a design portfolio that stands out.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Filter and organize your design work
  • Photograph and/or render project pieces
  • Choose an online portfolio structure

Ram will help you develop a portfolio that clearly articulates who you are as a designer and the skills, insights, vision, and potential you bring to the table.

A portfolio is a designer’s opportunity to showcase their work and put their best foot forward. Take full advantage of this opportunity and Create a Knockout Design Portfolio.

Created By: CreativeLive