Project: Create a CSS Button – Introduction to Web Design


Duration: 22 mins

This course has been developed for both complete beginners and those who already have a limited knowledge of web design. Apsiring web designers web developers who want to understand the design side of the business and graphic designers – as well as those from completely unrelated disciplines – will all be more than capable of handling the content of this course.
About HTML and CSS
HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is the code used to define colours graphics hyperlinks paragraphs and other simple elements of a website. It was developed by the founder of the web Tim Berners Lee back in 1990.
CSS or Cascading Style Sheets define the more advanced aspects of websites like fonts background images positioning and much more. It is a style language that defines HTML layout so the two are intrinsically linked. Both form the basic frameworks for all websites on the internet.
This video forms part of the Introduction to Web Design course.

Created By:  Stone River eLearning