Occupational Health and Safety


Duration: 2 hrs

What you’ll learn

  • Different levels of safety responsibilities in the workplace
  • The Occupational Health and Safety risk management process
  • What can be expected in the workplace in relation to health and safety
  • The responsibilities as managers and supervisors and how to train and supervise their workers
  • How to identify hazards in an office environme
  • How to select and setup office chairs, computer screens and workstations
  • How to manage problems caused by noise, temperature and lighting
  • How to structure work tasks and breaks and the importance of posture, activity and exercise


This Appropriate Workplace Behaviour training content is developed with and endorsed by Ian McNeil of Safepeople, a experienced investigator specialising in workplace bullying allegations in Australian local and state government, not for profit and commercial sectors.

Target Audience

Suitable for all employees and management to develop basic knowledge and understanding of how to apply occupational health and safety fundamentals in the workplace and of their roles and responsibilities. In addition, it gives an understanding on how to safely work in an office environment.

Business Outcomes

  • Improve workplace health and safety for all employees.
  • Meet HR compliance of workforce participation quality OH&S training endorsed by industry specialists.
  • Work, health and safety (WHS) responsibilities, which are otherwise referred to as duty of care responsibilities for workers, managers, and supervisors.
  • Learners will also gain a practical understanding of what is required of them to fulfill these responsibilities.
  • Understanding of how to set up a safe, health

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