Minimise theft in a retail environment


Duration: 30 mins

What you’ll learn

  • The reasons people steal from stores
  • The equipment, procedures, and policies you should have in place to prevent theft
  • How to recruit and manage a loss prevention team


Loss in any form reduces profit margins and affects the pricing of goods to the customers. A combination of procedures, systems and equipment are designed to minimise the opportunity, but they are only as good as team understanding, commitment and application. Security is about consistent and committed vigilance.

Minimise theft

People steal products from retail stores for all sorts of reasons including psychiatric or pathological reasons, for excitement, peer pressure, lack of money, to support their family or lifestyle, embarrassment associated with purchasing an item, unable to purchase a product due to law e.g. alcohol and aerosol spray paint cans, to support an addiction e.g. drugs or gambling, and even revenge. In this course, we overview vital procedures, systems and equipment used as deterrents, noting that they are only as good as the commitment you make to them.
Created By: Interaction Training