Leadership styles in nursing and midwifery


Duration: 2 hrs

What you’ll learn

  • Identify a range of leadership styles.
  • Explain the core principles of common leadership styles.
  • Recognise leadership styles employed by colleagues in their organisation.
  • Understand transformational leadership and how it can be used by nurses and midwives.


An individual’s leadership styleis influenced by the type of organisation they work in and determined by the variable emphasis the individual may place on different aspects of their role.

This interactive course identifies the traits of common individual and organisational leadership styles. It goes on to focus on transformational leadership as a style of leadership that has been found to be highly effective in healthcare.

Target Audience

Nurses and midwives

Business Case

This is part of a leadership series and builds on foundation skills and supports organisations wishing to improve healthcare through effective leadership.

Created By:  Health Staff Ed