Creating a Positive Accounting Mindset


Duration: 1 hrs 5 mins

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a positive accounting mindset
  • How to become aware of challenges and recognise your fears
  • Techniques to respond positively to change and challenges
  • How to redirect your thoughts to positive outcomes


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Course Description

There’s no question about it: the accounting sector is more dynamic than ever and it continues to evolve.

As expected, there’s some anxiety associated with this shift. Accounting professionals desire alignment between their policies and the departments they serve, but collaboration becomes difficult when perceptions don’t match. And it doesn’t help that the accounting industry naturally focuses on what’s trying to be avoided (fines, fraud, risk, etc). Yet, this focus on avoidance and what we don’t want can damage team dynamics.

It’s an unfortunate reality that accounting professionals find themselves stuck in a never-ending struggle between two groups: those who want to get things done fast, and those who see the value in taking time while keeping a close eye on regulation. Bringing these two groups together feels just about impossible at times.

Creating a Positive Accounting Mindset offers the tools you need to create a positive mindset and a collaborative work environment, giving you the ability to both stand out as a respected accounting professional and form better relationships with surrounding departments

Created By:  GWT Next