Blocking and Cribbing


Duration: 13 mins

What you’ll learn

  • Recognize the necessity for blocking and cribbing
  • Know how to select safe materials and equipment for blocking and cribbing
  • Identify general blocking and cribbing safety principles


A lot of work requires the use of lifting tools such as hydraulic jacks, cranes and truck hoists. Because these lifting tools are used so frequently and are usually reliable, you may forget that any lifting tool can potentially fail. However, if you happened to be under a load during such a failure, chances are you would be injured or killed. That is why raised equipment must be properly blocked or cribbed. This course is designed to teach general blocking and cribbing safety principles and demonstrate how those principles are applied. This course is ideal for anyone who works with heavy equipment or who performs blocking and cribbing.

Created By:  UL Puresafety