Basic Concepts of Business Intelligence


Duration: 3 mins

What you’ll learn

  • Most working professionals don’t know what BI is and how it can help them. They can then understand the business better and take some decisions with help of insights from the data.
  • Learn some basic concepts of BI
  • Learn how BI works
  • Understand where Power BI comes in the big picture of business intelligence


This video forms part of the course Hands-On Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

Are you wasting time on compiling data from multiple sources instead of analyzing data? Are you relying on your Tech team to develop custom reports and dashboards? Power BI is a self-service business intelligence tool that reduces your dependency on the IT team to create reports and dashboards. Power BI is used to get insights from the data, saving your cost and time.
This course aims to equip you with BI tools to make better business decisions and create accurate reports and dashboards in just few minutes. This course is specifically designed to give you hands-on experience of Power BI with more of a focus on practical applications in business environments. You’ll walk through Power BI, end to end, starting from how to connect to and import your data, author reports using Power BI Desktop, and publish those reports to the Power BI service.
By taking this course, you’ll build a solid ground in business intelligence and will be able to create real-time reports and dashboards in minutes.

Target Audience

This course is for BI consultants, data analysts, business analysts, and digital marketing analysts with a basic knowledge of charts and analytics. If you’re interested in solving business problems using data and analysis, then this course is for you!

Created By:  Packt