5 Ways to Make Child Care More Affordable

Have you been looking for a San Diego daycare for your child, and you’ve realized the costs seem to be surprisingly high? Today, many child care centers are costing parents as much…

How To Build A Happy Marriage And Avoid Divorce

Although the Gates have been unforthcoming about the reasons behind their divorce, they did say, “We no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in the next phase of our…

5 Signs That You Have A Real Friend

From Fake Friends To Your Best Friend Social interactions are important, and that’s what friends are for. But how can we tell fake friends from real friends? Sometimes it’s not easy. As…

Why Am I Seeking Approval?

We all want to be accepted, liked, and loved for who we are, in our love relationships, friendships, and social groups. Women strive to present the best version of themselves, sometimes seeking…

Is My Marriage Over?

Finding Solutions When the Odds Are Against You Could it be? Is my marriage over? Well, some people give up, throw in the towel and decide they want out of the relationship.…

5 Steps To Overcoming Social Anxiety

5 Tips For Overcoming Social Anxiety That overwhelming feeling of dread that bubbles up in the pit of your stomach, in certain situations, could well be a symptom of social anxiety (SAD).…

How To Manage Rejection

It's difficult not to take being rejected as a personal attack. Having the ability to pick yourself back up again is essential when achieving your goals. So, the next time you get…

Is Being A Man Hater Really The Way Forward?

Feminists have long been assumed to be men-hating, bra-burning vigilantes and have sought to distance themselves from that image for an equally long time. Pauline Harmange, however, thinks that not only is…

Why Men Need Equality Too

Life in modern society’s a man’s game. Men get a better education, are paid more, get more professional opportunities, and are less likely to fall into poverty than women. Why, then, would…

Why You Don’t Have To Be A Man Made Woman

What are the roles of a woman? This question sounds so strange to westerners, but for others, it's a common question that easily answered. I love my adopted country of South Africa,…

How To Make Virtual Relationships Fun

There are all sorts of reasons families close at heart end up separated by distance, time, or just busy schedules.

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5 Lessons Other People Teach You

There’s nothing random about the key players who show up in your life as friends, family members, lovers, colleagues, mentors or influencers.

How To Honor Yourself First After Breakup

If your love story has come to an end, it’s natural to shed a few tears, have some regrets, and wallow in your hurt – well, for a while at least. No…

4 Types Of Positive People To Have In Your Life

Human beings are social creatures with a deep longing to feel connected to others. Like most people, you probably have friends and acquaintances that play various roles in your life outside of your family unit.

What Do Singles Do On Valentines Day?

Whether you’re happily single, looking for romance and love, or paired up with a partner, it’s important to know the strengths you have and bring into a relationship.

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Could You Be A Trad Wife?

Is there a positive place where the twain can not only meet but also coexist? The Tradwife movement seems to lose a little of its sheen this year. Last year, the media couldn’t get enough women like Alena Kate Pettitt, whose website, The Darling Academy, celebrates “home-making, good manners, and family life”.

How A Dad Can Teach His Daughter To Become A Strong Woman

The benefits that girls gain from communicating with their fathers cannot be overstated. Fathers can have a far-reaching influence (negative or positive) over their daughters’ lives.

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Start Talking About Making Goals Happen

When I meet women friends or even strangers, we usually end up talking about how expensive everything is in the supermarket and how we all seemed to have become agoraphobic since the…

Can You Be Single And Happy?

At some point in your life, you may have asked yourself this question “Can I be happy when I am single?” Even though it doesn’t always seem like it, the answer is YES!

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