Dr. Lorri Sulpizio: Lead From Humanity and Justice

Dr Lorri Sulpizio has vast experience in the field of leadership. She is executive director of the Conscious Leadership Academy and founder of the Center for Women's Leadership at the University of…

How to Know If You Will Make A Good Leader

If you consider the great leaders in history, certain characteristics distinguish a good leader from a bad leader. Good leaders raise people and give them their own power. Bad leaders subordinate their…

Sexism & Abuse: Why Some Of My Battles Need To Be Lost

A few years ago, I was managing a safari lodge in the Okavango Delta. Wasn’t I lucky? Who wouldn’t want a dream job, living in a unique environment, surrounded by wild animals…

What Can A Man Learn From From A Woman Leader?

Can you learn from a woman leader? Of course, you can. And you would be surprised by just how much you gain. If you’ve ever visited a safari lodge in South Africa,…

Where Women Outperform Men

This is how and why women outperform men in the world’s most grueling horseback challenges. No, it's not about gender competition; it's about the mindset of competitors. Imagine traveling 370 km in…

5 Ways To Build Winning Teams 

The role of a team leader is to put into action the knowledge, motivation, skills, and experience of a group of people to achieve a common goal. However, no matter how well…

What Can Horses Teach Us About Leadership?

Every horse wants a leader, but not every human is up to the task. Find out what a horse looks for in a leader and how he can help you better manage…

Why Our World Is Not Equal For Women

For women, equal rights is still a joke in some ways. With abortion rights at a crossroads in the US, the UK government threatening to turn the clock back on gender equality,…

How To Be A Woman That Stands For Women

Growing up in the Eighties in Derbyshire, England, I was pretty convinced that all female and feminists looked like the women demonstrating at Greenham Common, wear sensible shoes, drab tweeds, and knitwear…

Why Your Team May Not Take You Seriously as A Manager

Being a manager is not an easy role for many people. Some have a natural talent and aptitude for the position and find the step-up straightforward, yet for many, and it is…

How To Become A Great Leader

While you wait for the right opportunity to step up the leadership ladder, use your observational skills to develop your Leadership Style.

Ways To Empower Women

People of all cultures and backgrounds still don’t quite know quite the right way to behave with women. Maybe you might like to forward this article to someone who hasn’t quite got up with the times in your workplace.

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How To Get Promotion As A Manager

Do you want to have control of your career and take the next step? Maybe you have thought about asking for a promotion but do not feel quite prepared, there isn’t an opening, or they will say no!

Take Your Team To The Next level

Being a manager can be either a simple or challenging role. While it is easy if your team are high performers, highly motivated, effective, and all like and respect each other, that…

How To Manage A Remote Team

The full impact of Covid-19 on the workplace is unknown, but one thing is for sure: things have changed. No-one knows what the workplace will look like after Coronavirus is a distant memory.

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