Declutter For Success

If you feel that your life is perpetually on pause, you’re stuck in a dead-end job, or you can’t seem to connect with people who are on your wavelength, it’s time that you took a good look at your surroundings.

As you drown in your possessions, you have unconsciously blocked the flow of success and abundance. Owning too much stuff is depleting your energy and causing stagnation in all areas of your life.

Stagnant or blocked energy is the major contributing factor in your failure to manifest what you want. Whether you desire career success, romantic happiness, or a stress-free life and abundant in all good things, you need to let go of stuff that no longer serves you and bring order to your life.

Do You Want A Clutter-Free Existence?

When it comes to personal possessions, you, like many people, have probably bought into the idea that it’s OK to own loads of stuff if you organize it in a tidy way. What you may not realize is that every individual item that you own has its own energy. Regardless of whether your home is packed to the rafters with stuff that’s beautifully arranged and organized, or you live in a messy tip, you’re actually blocking your flow to attracting success and abundance.

Organizing your possessions is just a temporary solution you bring to your life. The amount of space you free up with a mini declutter is barely enough to cause a universal trickle of energy, let alone a flow.

If you want to manifest all the things that you dream about, you need to commit to a less is more approach. Clutter of any sort holds a negative low vibration, and you cannot bring order to your life. To get the flow of positive energy circulating, you must declutter the appropriate space.

Less clutter = more free-flowing energy = higher vibration manifestation!

Bring Your Life Into Balance Toolkit          

Defined as anything that is no longer loved or useful, clutter is like a houseguest who has long overstayed their welcome. You may be holding on to clothes, furniture, or other items ‘just in case’ or hanging on to outdated, broken, or damaged things for sentimental reasons. You may even have some possessions that you are convinced have a great hidden monetary value that you can trade in for cash one day.

Many people hold on to possessions as a substitute for happiness. Filling the void with ‘stuff’ may make you feel better about your lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, business success, or love life. Fear of losing status, security, and comfort also contribute to your home’s growing pile of possessions.

People with clutter often have money worries and/or health-related issues. If you feel that life is a struggle, you are stuck in a rut or lack motivation, passion, or ambition. It is time to stop ignoring the signs. Decluttering will shift the stagnant energy that is depleting you and bring order to your life. Using this ‘Bring your life into balance toolkit’ can help so much.

Personal Life Clutter

Attachment to physical clutter is an emotional condition that can lead to anxiety, stress, and depression. Conversely, mental clutter and emotional baggage contribute to your mental health and wellbeing.

  • Free up space in an overactive and analytical mind by journaling your thoughts

Not everyone in your life is a companion for a lifetime. If you’ve overgrown certain people but haven’t severed ties, you’re allowing their presence to cause an energy blockage in your life. The same applies to relationships with toxic people.

  • Let go of anyone who does not love, support, or nurture you – to allow space for new people to come into your life.

Home Is Where The Mess Is

Your home reflects your personality, likes and dislikes, and sense of style. Its appearance also says a great deal about your emotional state, health, and happiness.

To unplug the flow of energy in your home, it’s a good idea to declutter every room.

  • Dump those tacky dust-collecting ornaments that you don’t even like
  • Slim down that excessive collection of books, CDs, kitchen gadgets, beauty products, or makeup
  • Recycle, sell or donate clothes that you haven’t worn in years or that no longer suit or fit you
  • Re-gift unwanted presents
  • Be ruthless when clearing out your catch-all drawer.

Workplace Stagnation

Clutter can easily accumulate and take over space in your home office or workplace. To reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm, declutter your desk every week. With less stuff around you, you will be more focused, creative, and productive.

  • File important documents and recycle outdated paperwork
  • Establish an ‘office flow’ by placing essential items in an order that boosts productivity and efficiency
  • Put things away after use.
  • Only buy essential office supplies to avoid hoarding.
  • Streamline your emails and computer files, and desktop icons regularly.

Make Room For The Flow Of Abundance

Once you’re removed the clutter and unplugged the blockage to prosperity, high vibration energy can start to flow in your space. Decluttering activates the potent energy of the law of attraction which brings order to your life.

Manifesting prosperity takes a little time, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see automatic results. However, by keeping on top of your clutter and setting intentions for what you want, you will eventually witness the physical manifestations of success caused by the unplugged energy flow, then bring your life into balance.