5 Lessons Other People Teach You

There’s nothing random about the key players who show up in your life as friends, family members, lovers, colleagues, mentors, or influencers. Some of them will be with you for a reason or a season, while others may go the distance and play a part in your entire life. But, no matter how fleeting, every encounter can present you with an opportunity to learn something valuable about yourself.

Via exchanges of communication and shared experiences, other people teach you how to become the best possible version of yourself.

The Lesson Of Independence

While you may be lucky to be surrounded by loving and supportive friends and family, being too reliant on their kindness and assistance can stunt the growth of your independence. If you always need a second opinion or your default habit to follow the pack or be co-dependent on someone, you’re hindering your personal development.

Attracting people who let you down may not be a pleasurable experience, but it’s an important one. Those cheating lovers, backstabbing work colleagues, disloyal friends, and emotionally detached family members teach you all about self-love, self-belief, and self-confidence. When you overcome the pain, hurt, and challenges that these difficult associations can present, you emerge well equipped with self-worth and the desire to follow your own independent path.

The Lesson Of Resilience

As an adult, you have unlimited opportunities to explore everything that life has to offer you. Some people choose to dream big and intuitively follow their passions, while others prefer to play safe and take calculated risks to attain their goals. Unfortunately, whether you’re an adventurous dreamer or a cautious planner, somewhere down the line, you’ll encounter a selection of people who will do their best to block your progress to success.

Your demanding boss, unhelpful co-workers, unsupportive partner, and naysayer friends who love to burst your positivity bubble are teaching you how to become resilient. These fault pickers’ job highlights where you need to focus your efforts on your plans to succeed. If you’re easily put off by their thoughtless words and actions, you’ll also need to master how to pick yourself up after failure and how to bounce back stronger every time.

The Lesson Of Discernment

While some people may be perceived as being too picky, others show clear signs that they’re not all that fussed about the choices, consequences, and outcomes that they’re selecting. If you seriously lack in the discernment department, your life choices are probably poor.

The void of discernment can show up as a relationship that does not support or nurture you, yet you cling on regardless in an attempt to avoid facing up to your fear of loneliness. Love and friendship dramas are a gift from the Universe. This important lesson can teach you how to love yourself to value the quality of the company you keep. When you know your worth, you attract people, situations, and opportunities that match your positive vibe and serve a higher purpose.

The Lesson Of Compassion

Mean, selfish, egocentric, and difficult people generally go through life without caring or thought for others’ feelings. The emotional bullies in your family, personal life, or social circle mistreat you so that you can learn how to open your heart and show compassion.

It’s human nature to be warm, friendly, and sensitive to everyone. Unfortunately, if you’ve been on the receiving end of abandonment, neglect, or abuse, you may have to relearn the habits you were born with. The first step to mastering compassion is to love YOU. Breaking free of entanglements with people who disrespect and mistreat you is essential if you want to gain a greater understanding of your vast capacity to love, nurture and cherish.

The Lesson Of Empowerment

Being submissive in every situation is disempowering and stopping you from achieving your heart’s desires. Whenever you allow an overly assertive or aggressive person to get away with their actions, you give your power away. When you play ‘small,’ you attract ‘big’ personalities into your experience and invite them to take full advantage of you.

If you’re open to learning this lesson, these challenges can teach you how to value and respect yourself by speaking up and reclaiming your power. Then, as an empowered individual, you have the freedom to move towards your personal goals and to accomplish great things that support your future growth.